Should you stay on boring job with higher salary or find an interesting job with lower salary?

Have you heard of colleagues who find the job too boring or do you yourself find your job too boring. There are even people who choose a more interesting job with lower salary over a boring job with higher salary.

I find this surprising as the Maslow's hierarchy in needs shows that self-actualization including the need for challenges and interesting jobs is right at the top of the pyramid. That means it is the least important factor of job motivation. Most people would be more concern with the basic needs such as adequate compensation which is right at the base of the pyramid.

However, the trend for modern workers is to invert this pyramid and put self-actualization at the bottom. Why is this happening?Perhaps, these are people who are well-off and have a considerable amount of savings in the banks to dip upon in case their salary is not adequate for them. In the long run, will this option work for them? Then there are those who do not care about their financial well-being because their job seems to be the only thing important in their lives so they do not want to waste their lives doing routine job that has no meaning to them.

For these people, it is important to consider their financial position and whether they can still make ends meet if they go for a lower salary job that is more interesting. Some people go so far as to start their own business as they get too tired of the corporate world. As we all know, 70% of start-ups wind up within a year and it is tough to make a business a profitable venture.

Hence, before you take the risk and write a resignation letter, ask yourself if there are other things you can do to make life more interesting for yourself. Remember that most people are doing jobs that are boring and they just need a job for a living. If your next alternative cannot even make you a living, maybe you should not swing to this new tree or you might take a hard fall to the ground.