How To Increase Your Chances of Being Headhunted

It is tough being out of a job. There are bills to pay, commitments to meet and creditors to deal with especially if you are behind. Finding a job can be quite an uphill task, given the economic downturn. Avoid being jobless by improving your chances of being headhunted. Here is how:

Be an expert with a USP

Focus on professions like for example, accounting and finance as well as sales, where demand is greater than supply. Be good at your job. Strive to gain recognition for contributions towards your team’s successes. Brand yourself and ensure that your reputation is impeccable. Recruiters usually rely on referrals to build their networks so you are more likely to be recommended for jobs when you stand out in the marketplace. Most headhunters will be seeking talents with specific skills and experience. Whether it be digital marketingcompliance,research and development, be known for your USP and be a genuine leader in your field.

Make yourself visible

People who are headhunted are usually social and visible. Attend industry events and conferences or talk to people about what you do. Exchange business cards before leaving any conversation. If you have effectively conveyed your expertise, whomever you approached will think of you when encountering a similar conversation. Research the who’s who amongst recruiters and industry leaders. With this knowledge, you will be more confident in approaching them during industry events and impressing them with what you know.

Have an updated CV

Keep your CV updated though you may be employed. Send out your CV only to firms that profile you to their clients upon obtaining your permission. Proof-read your CV before you send it out – ensuring basic information is correct, important information is clearly-presented and experience, accomplishments as well as interests are highlighted.

Network extensively

Networking amongst your peers and across the industry can be powerful in increasing your chances of being headhunted. Stay in touch with colleagues especially those who are well-connected and maintain a strong relationship with them. Be proactive in reaching out to industry figureheads. When conversing, ask some thought-provoking questions to ensure that you are remembered. When connecting with a leading headhunter, casually enquire about their competitors and connect with them as well. If a headhunter refers you a job that you think might be more suitable for a contact of yours, introduce them. By being an asset in this manner, you can be assured of knowing which firms are hiring sooner than any other potential candidate. The most successful networking takes place when you consistently invest in long-term professional relationships – being more genuine would reap more reward than suddenly networking enthusiastically just to secure a job!

Being headhunted has been likened to the dating game. When you are jobless, the tendency for you to be needy is higher and so it might be harder to get a lucky break. On the contrary, when you have a job and have no urgency to move on, the chances of being poached are higher.