How to enter the IT industry in Singapore

As you may have noticed, IT jobs usually ask for specific qualifications or certifications. If you have come from a different field and would like to find a job in the IT industry for a change, you might want to take up a diploma or degree in an IT-related discipline.

For example, if you hold a hospitality diploma and have been working in a hotel for the past ten years but would like to become an IT professional, there are many choices for you. These are the different job roles that you can consider:

Network Engineer

IT Security Specialist

IT Sales

IT Project Manager


Software Analyst

Front-end Developer

Back-end Developer

Database Administrator

Systems Administrator

And those that needs a bit of creativity or communication skills such as:

Web Designer

UI/UX Designer

Digital Marketing

While there are also those that is more related to business and would be good for those who has Business degrees or diplomas and has passion for the intricacies of Business Admnistration.

Business Process Engineer

Data Analyst

Business Analyst

Sales Consultant for business software

Business Software Architect

There are many training centres in Singapore that offers certifications for those who are pondering a career switch or those already in the IT industry but wish to upgrade their skills.

For those who would like to take advantage of government funding schemes, these are the schools that collaborate with the Workforce Singapore to offer funding up to 95% for their courses.
For those who do not like the classroom environment and would like to learn at their own pace, there are online learning portals such as and that offers a plethora of IT-related video courses online.
You can learn whenever you are free and wherever convenient for you as long as you have an internet connection.
Do note that MOE-approved institutions like local Polytechnics also offer subsidised Specialist Diplomas in IT disciplines.
If you have the financial resources to take up a Bachelor or Masters Degree in an IT-related discipline, you can consider NUS, NTU, SMU, SIM, MDIS, Kaplan and other private institutions recognised by CPE.
That said, a certification does not guarantee you a ticket to success for an IT career. You need to constantly learn on the job and upgrade your skills required to do well in your role.